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Know the elements you have to promote the tour

Social Media Post

We can prepare a series of posts around your adventure to help you promote your Colombia MTB adventure. You just share them on your different social networks and tell your friends, club members, followers or acquaintances that you are organizing a new adventure.

Video Content

You have at your disposal some Colombia ride adventure videos made by our team that include the experiences of other riders from around the world.  We we’ll also produce a special warm personalized welcome message from our ride team to the membership of your club to invite them to join us here to Ride Colombia.

Prepare Your Adventures Signup page

Any adventure you promote should have a website where riders can read all the information they need about the adventure and to sign up. You have at your disposal the following templates, simply choose one and we will customize it for your club or group adventure.  You then promote the page link to your friends, club members, ride buddies, followers and others in your social media posts and encourage them to come with you on your MTB adventure.

Customize Your Tour

3It’s Booked!  Let’s Get Ready To Ride Colombia!

Congratulations, you did it!!  Your adventure is all booked!  Now it’s time to prepare for your adventure.  Over the next 60 days we’ll begin to help your guests prepare for the trip and for the riding to come.  We will be sending out a series of email messages some with linked video training information, advice, and ride exercises to help better prepare each guest for their upcoming Wild Colombia, MTB adventure.

What is your clubs riding style?

MTB Cross Country XC

Cross-country (XC) is the most popular mtb style in Colombia

MTB All Mountain / Enduro

Enduro combines DH, XC and AM into a Single MTB Style

MTB Wilderness Touring

MTB touring involves covering long distances on bike

Road Cyclists

Colombia road cyclist

MTB All Mountain / Enduro

Enduro combines DH, XC and AM into a Single MTB Style

MTB Touring

MTB touring involves covering long distances on bike

Gravel Bikers

Gravel bikers ride smoother trails off paved roads

Choose a base adventure

Select one of the following adventures you would like as the base of your groups MTB holiday here in Colombia.   We can always customize your adventure with other experiences you would like to include for your groups adventure.  For example if you choose our Coffee Utopia Adventure, but you also would like to include our MAX-AIR canopy ride, we customize your adventure to include the canopy.  This may require altering the base adventure or adding time to your over all adventure.

Now add an experience you would like to feature in your group adventure!

Pure Mountain Biking


Visit Landmark Attractions

Canopy Activities

Wilderness Photography

Chocolate & Coffee

Green Iguana

Choose the base MTB adventure you would like to ride, then choose other riding features or activities you would like to add to your adventure.  Finally select the date you would like to start your adventure and choose how many days you want the adventure to run.  We will the customize your clubs Colombia MTB adventure, quote it for you.  Once approved by you we will then create a special sign up page just for your group’s adventure with your branding and ours, we  will then produce adventure related video and photo content for you to post on your social media channels to help you fill up all your adventures spaces.

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