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The profound connection between humanity and nature is deeply rooted in the ethos of our indigenous past, where the spirit of the land and its inhabitants were revered and celebrated. Colombia, is one of the rare places where we can still witness firsthand the extent to which technology has led humanity astray from the wisdom of our indigenous elders. Amidst the vast, untamed landscapes of Colombia’s Andes, the Darien and the Amazon, you have the opportunity to explore, experience, and rediscover the profound connection to our indigenous roots that has been obscured by the advancements of modernity. In Colombia, we are reminded of the invaluable teachings passed down through generations, urging us to reconnect with the natural world and honor the wisdom of those who came before us. As we journey through its rugged terrain, we are confronted with the realization that our reliance on technology has distanced us from the innate understanding and symbiotic relationship with the land that once guided our ancestors. Colombia stands as a beacon of hope, offering a sanctuary where we can recalibrate our relationship with nature and reclaim the timeless wisdom of our elders. For those who possess a heightened awareness of the natural world and maintain a deep relationship with animals, their connection transcends mere existence; it becomes a pathway to deeper thinking and heightened consciousness. Indigenous wisdom teaches us that the earth is not merely a resource to be exploited but a sacred entity to be honored and respected, and those who understand this fundamental truth are often regarded as the custodians of our planet’s well-being.

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Through our carefully curated MTB experiences, riders have the opportunity to reconnect with the land, fostering a sense of rootedness and tranquility that can only be found in the embrace of nature. As we traverse rugged mountain trails, pedal through lush rainforests, and navigate pristine river valleys, we not only witness the beauty of Colombia’s diverse landscapes but also actively contribute to their preservation. By choosing sustainable modes of exploration, such as mountain biking, we strive to reduce our ecological footprint and promote responsible tourism practices that prioritize the protection of our planet’s precious ecosystems.

Ultimately, our commitment to exploring Colombia’s wilderness on two wheels goes beyond mere adventure; it is a testament to our reverence for the natural world and our dedication to preserving it for future generations. Through our riding adventures, we hope to inspire others to forge their own connections with nature, fostering a collective consciousness that values environmental stewardship and sustainable living. Together, we can ensure that Colombia’s majestic wilderness remains a source of joy, inspiration, and vitality for all who inhabit this beautiful planet.  Join us to experience Colombia’s beauty and connect with a vibrant outdoor community.  Because you’ll never discover Colombia until you Mountain Bike Colombia.

Colombia, offers every passionate adventure cyclist a wilderness experience (or ten) they need on their Bike-It-List!

From Our Lovely
Guests & Friends.

Mountain biking in Colombia is an absolute thrill! The diverse terrain and stunning scenery make for an unforgettable adventure. Marcel, our guide is knowledgeable and welcoming. I highly recommend the team at Mountain Bike Colombia!

Marie from Belgium

New Mountain Biker

Mountain biking in Colombia helped me become a better road cyclist in so many ways! The challenging terrain helped me improve my strength and endurance, and the beautiful scenery made every ride enjoyable. I'm grateful Johana & Marcel for the opportunity to improve my riding skills and enjoy the great outdoors!

Stener & Marika

Roadies & now Off-Roadies Too!

Mountain biking with Marcel in Colombia was a real game-changer for my road cycling. The rugged terrain and stunning landscapes have helped me build greater strength, endurance, & confidence! I'm buying a mountain bike when I return home!! I can't wait!


Roadie Gone Off-Roadie!

I greatly improved as an adventure cyclist thanks to Johana & Marcel, sharing their knowledge of Mountain Biking in Colombia with me. My mountain bike riding skills have soared to new heights and I couldn't be happier! I recommend riding with Mountain Bike Colombia, great team!


Adventure Cyclist

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