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Breaking Free From The Road in Colombia

Breaking Free from the Road: Helping Roadies Explore the Undiscovered wilderness trails of Colombia

In recent years, Colombia has emerged as a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. Lured by the country’s challenging roads, stunning landscapes and affordability, roadies arrive in Colombia every year to train and experience the ultimate cycling adventure. However, many of them are surprised by how unprepared they are for the real Colombia cycling experience.

Despite the expectations of paved roads, most of Colombia’s cycling routes are unpaved. As roadies embark on their journey, they are struck by the breathtaking beauty and sheer size of the Andes Mountains, the backbone of the country. They initially set out to tackle the unforgiving terrain and test their endurance on Colombia’s roads, but they soon realize that there is much more to explore by bike than just challenging road rides.

For the adventurous mountain biker, this is a dream come true. The trails in Colombia offer a unique blend of challenging terrain, stunning natural beauty, and cultural immersion. From the lush green hills of the Andes to the rugged wilderness of the Amazon, there is no shortage of exciting trails to explore.

Colombia is home to an astonishing diversity of ecosystems that cyclists are often forced to bypass due to the limitations of road bikes.  Most of Colombia’s roads lead to trails and in Colombia, trails in far outnumber roads.  Each trail presents an opportunity to discover a new back country wilderness space. From the lush Amazon wilderness to the rugged Darien wilderness and of course the Andes mountain trails, Colombia offers an endless bounty of natural beauty to explore.

Making all kinds of cycling Friends in Colombia

Casa de Ciclistas, Resturant, Pan Artisanal & Cafe in Guatapé, is a popular hangout for visiting cyclist from across the country and around the world.  It’s also the home of Mountain Bike Colombia, a premier provisioner of professionally conducted off the map mountain biking adventures through the country.  If you’re a mountain biker or road cyclist seeking an off-road adventure, Mountain Bike Colombia is a company worth considering.  From the lush green forests of the Andes Mountains, to the tropical rain forests of the Amazon, Mountain Bike Colombia specializes rewarding adventures to the undiscovered wilderness spaces of Wild Colombia.

From the streets of the Netherlands to the Jungle Trails of Colombia's Amazon!

Colombia is a true haven for mountain and gravel bikers, just waiting to be explored! This incredible country boasts an abundance of stunning wilderness areas teeming with plants and wildlife, including majestic condors, playful monkeys, and even pink river dolphins. And if you venture into the more remote regions, you’ll have the chance to encounter welcoming indigenous communities that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

The people of Colombia are passionate about cycling, and it’s easy to see why! Cycling is the second most popular sport in the country, and locals are always eager to share their land, culture, and trails with visitors. You’ll feel right at home here, with open arms and a warm welcome wherever you go.

As you tackle the challenging terrain, you’ll be amazed by the beauty that surrounds you. Every climb and descent offers a new perspective, and you’ll find yourself humbled by the sheer majesty of the landscape. But it’s not just about the physical challenge – it’s about the experience of unprepared discovery. You’ll emerge from your journey transformed, with a newfound appreciation for the wonders of Colombia and a deep sense of joy and satisfaction.

So if you are looking for an exciting way to explore Colombia, look no further, because you’ll never know Colombia until you Mountain Bike Colombia.

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