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Mountain Biking Wild Colombia is a bold, & daring adventure

Mountain Biking in Wild Colombia is a bold daring adventure, full of fun, rewarding surprises at every turn.  Riding in the Andes mountains is always a rewarding challenge.   Mountain Bike Colombia offers unequaled MTB riding and wilderness adventure.  Once you’ve experienced the sheer raw beauty of riding in the Amazon regions or in a High Andean Parámo, to see an eruption of the Los Nevados del Ruiz volcano, it will start to hit you, Colombia truly is a magical mountain biking paradise!

Winston "Bigbird"

MTB Guia / XC / Naturalist Y Ornothologist

New Guide

MTB Guia / XC / Enduro / Expedition Researcher

Johana "Pedal Pumper"

MTB Guia / XC / Logistics Coordinator

Diego "Plan B"

MTB Guia / XC/ Enduro / Expedition Researcher

Marcel "Fungus"

Lead MTB Guia / eMTB / XC / Enduro / All Mountain / Gravel Bike Guia / Expedition Producer / Videographer

Thomas "Gravel Crusher"

Gravel Bike Guia / MTB XC Guia

Sharing Wild Colombia, with you is our passion!

Does the challenge of mountain biking in the Andes or Amazon wilderness spaces sound appealing to you?

Every aspect of your experience with us is tailor-made to ignite your spirit of exploration and leave an indelible mark on your heart. From breathtaking vistas to hidden trails, we promise to unveil the hidden gems of Wild Colombia, inviting you to ride, explore, photograph, and immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of this untamed land.

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