Find Your Colombia MTB Adventure

Mountain Bike Colombia offers expert-level guided MTB adventures throughout Colombia.  From the heights of the Andes to the depths of the Amazon, we’ll show you a totally different Colombia, the Unexplored wilderness of Wild Colombia.  So plan your Colombia MTB vacation with us, because you won’t know Colombia until you Mountain Bike Colombia!

Full Day Mountain Bike Tours From Guatapé

Camino de Oropendolas

Full Day Camino de Oropendolas
Mountain Bike Colombia’s
Camino de Oropendolas

Colombia is a country made for adventure cyclists! If you have a passion for Mountain Bike adventures and love photographing nature, then this is a MTB wilderness adventure rich in biodiversity, spectacular landscapes, and birds and wildlife.

Ride The 3 Piedras

Full Day The 3 Piedras
Mountain Bike
The Three Piedras of Guatapé

So you conquered all 740 steps of La Piedra del Peñol, now you're thinking, what else can I do in Guatapé?  If you enjoy getting out and experiencing nature, Mountain Biking in Colombia is the best way to see the country.

Guatapé Back Country MTB Ride

2 Hour Back Country Adventure
Guatapé Backcountry
Mountain Bike Adventure

This 2 hour biking adventure will take you on a paved back country loop off the typical tourist path over some gentle rolling hills and valleys behind the pueblo of Guatapé and around the back side of La Piedra del Peñol.

Max-Air MTB Adventure

Full Day Max-Air Adventure
Max Air Mountain Bike Adventure Colombia

Mountain biking Colombia is an exhilarating experience, but reaching the edge of a cliff and your only option is to fly across a canyon on a cable with your bike, 1000 feet above the jungle floor? This takes things to a whole new level. It's a heart-pumping rush you'll never forget!

2 - 5 Day Mountain Biking Tours in Colombia

Pedal & Paddle Adventure

2 Day Wilderness Pedal & Paddle Adventure
MTB / Rafting Wilderness Adventure

This Mountain Bike / River Rafting adventure offers scenic mountain trails and river passages that wind through forests loaded with wildlife. Perfect for people who have just a couple days in Guatapé and want to get out and see nature.

Paisa MTB Adventure

2 Day Paisa Adventure
Mountain Bike Colombia With Paisas (Locals)

Exploring Colombia on a mountain bike ride is an absolute must for those who are keen on uncovering the country's secrets. The perfect way to discover hidden gems in the diverse terrain of the Andean mountains is by riding alongside enthusiastic locals. Let's roll with some Paisas

9+ Day Mountain Bike Adventures In Colombia​

Cafe Region MTB Adventure

9 Day Caffiene Utopia MTB Adventure
Mountain Bike Colombia’s
Coffee Region

Pedal through picturesque coffee plantation fields, join a coffee tour, navigate wilderness trails, and visit the breathtaking high mountain paramos of Colombia's Los Navados.

Andes MTB Adventure

9 Day Andes MTB Adventure
Mountain Bike Colombia's
Jurassic Wilderness

This MTB odyssey will lead you through the Jurassic Wilderness spaces of Colombia's Andes mountains. It offers an unrivaled look at some of the most magnificent hidden gems in the Andes. An adventure you need to put on your Bike-It-List!!

Amazon MTB Adventure

9 Day Amazon MTB Adventure
Amazon Rainforest
Mountain Bike / Photo Adventure

This transformative Mountain Bike odyssey to the ultimate wilderness is full of discoveries that will forever change you. You'll expand your consciousness of the Amazon, it's history, the indigenous cultures that call it home, and its significance to both the planet and humanity.