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Discover Wild Colombia Andean Condor Mountain Bike Expedition

This adventure starts with a simple question, what is the extinction of the condor to a child who has never experienced one in the wilderness?

At the base of all our mountain bike wilderness adventures is this one immutable fact, when we discover nature, we discover ourselves.   This is why we Mountain Bike into these wilderness spaces, because we treasure our planet and all of the life it sustains.  We also support the indigenous cultures here that live harmoniously within nature’s order.  We care to safeguard this unique and special place and raise social awareness of what’s going on here.   As humans, we have a responsibility to protect these wilderness spaces, the wildlife that live here and the indigenous peoples’ land rights as well as their cultural heritage.

The condor is a global icon of extinction, it is also the national bird of Colombia, chosen because of the importance it plays in indigenous Andean culture.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to mountain bike in the remote Colombian Andes to witness the return of the Great Andean Condor.   On this adventure you will with the permission and support of the local indigenous communities, experience


  • Use of a well maintained hardtail MTB Bike.
  • Helmet
  • Breakfast or Lunch at Casa de Ciclistas
  • An English / Spanish Speaking Guide
  • Medical Insurance for the trip
  • Sports Hydration and Bottled Water

Not Included

  • Transportation to the clubhouse
  • Transportation to or from Guatapé 

Bookable Extras

  • Lunch can be added for $49.000 COP per person

We start each adventure by patiently listening to what matters most to you

Our mulit-day Colombia mountain bike adventures are not “canned tours”.  To the contrary, each of our Colombia MTB wilderness adventures are designed to offer each rider a unique opportunity to connect with vastness of these breathtaking wilderness spaces and be moved by the experience of being immersed in the beauty of natures greatness.  We take great care when planing, your adventure to insure your specific needs, enhance your experience.  Our expeditions are perfect for small private groups and cycling clubs of between 4 to 8 members with a maximum of 10 riders per group.  We do this to make sure each rider has the opportunity experience wildlife sightings and to ensure quality and safety so each rider receives our personal attention, support and service, during the adventure.

The journey begins in Guatapé, the most colorful town in Colombia. This is also home to La Piedra del Peñol, one of the largest rocks in South America.  We start our adventures here to give you an opportunity to acclimate to any difference in altitude you may experience before we start our MTB adventures. A very popular attraction here in Guatapé, climbing the 740 steps of La Piedra can help you before your ride.  It’s offers a spectacular view of the archipelago of the embalse de Piñol.  While your visiting La Piedra, and the town of Guatapé, our bike tech can reassemble your packed bike for you, and check it out before your adventure.  When you return to our clubhouse, you can then go for a short ride on the back country loop of Guatapé to make sure everything is perfect before we leave for our adventure the next morning.



Los clientes llegarían a Cali en AVIÓN

Distancia: 139 kms
Tiempo: 3 horas 30 min
Transporte: carro


1. Centro histórico de Popayán

NOTA: Nosotros llegamos a Cali en el carro de apoyo y recogemos a los clientes


Popayán – Cabildo Indígena Puracé: 37 kms
Transporte: carro.

Cabildo Indígena Puracé – Termales San Juan : 23 kms
Transporte : Bicicleta

Termales San Juan – Popayán : 60 kms
Transporte: Carro



1. Avistamiento CÓNDOR DE LOS ANDES ( Piedra Sagrada)
2. Valle de los frailejones.
3. Cascada Río Bedón.
4. Termales de San Juan
5. Volcán PURACE



Distancia: 196 kms
Tiempo: 3 horas 30 min
Transporte: carro


1. Centro histórico de Buga



Distancia: 196 kms
Tiempo: 3 horas 30 min
Transporte: carro


1. Centro histórico de Buga



Transporte: Carro
Distancia: 110 kms
Tiempo: 2 horas 30 min


1. Laguna de Sonso ( avistamiento de aves, chiguiros, iguanas, nutrias, etc) (Bici)
2. Vista del Lago Calima
3. Buenaventura – Juanchaco (Lancha) Tiempo: 1 hora
4. Juanchaco – Ladrilleros (bici): Hospedaje.
5. Playa de ladrilleros
6. Tour fitoplancton




1. Recorrido por la playa de Juanchaco a la barra ( ida y regreso ) (Bici)
3. Cascada la Serpie y piscinas naturales las 3 Marías.(Lancha).
4. Visita comunidad indígena.



Trayecto : Juanchaco – Buenaventura
Transporte: Lancha
Tiempo : 1 hora

Trayecto : Buenaventura – Cali
Transporte: Carro.
Distancia : 114 kms
Tiempo: 2 horas 30 min

NOTA: los clientes regresan en avión a sus países de origen y nosotros regresamos a GUATAPÉ en el carro de apoyo.


What to expect

This Rock & Road Riders Club, Colombia, MTB Safari starts in Guatapé, at the Casa de Ciclistas clubhouse.  The clubhouse is located near the entrance of town, across from the main city parking lot, and is down the dirt path, next to the Ferroagro hardware store. Once there, just follow the signs to the clubhouse entrance on the waterfront.

Breakfast at the clubhouse is included in the adventure. After breakfast your guide will give an orientation, and assist you with fitting your bicycle and helmet, for the adventure. The guide will also make sure you have sports hydration, water and a power snack for the ride.

On this adventure you will find yourself riding a bike in off the beaten path locations in search of spectacular vistas, monkeys, and a multitude of very colorful tropical birds. You’ll definitely need your camera! Your guide will point out various points of interest, offer cultural and historical insight, as well as point out the presence of exotic wildlife spotted on the trip.

We’re here to take care of you, keep you safe and manage all ride logistics. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible. Our support vehicles always accompany us along the Safari. They are there for when you’re tired, need bike servicing and in general to carry our stuff. However because this is an off-road adventure naturally there are some places where vehicles are not able to follow due to terrain conditions.  In these situations we alway reconnect with our vehicles on the other side of a point or in the next village.

Here’s what you can expect on a typical day of riding:

  • Wake up in the morning, grab some coffee, and head out for a ride.
  • We’ll have breakfast at our first stop, which is usually a small town with incredible views and amazing food.
  • After breakfast, we’ll head out to the trails through the mountains, leading us to our next stop for lunch.
  • After lunch, we’ll explore more trails, occasionally stopping to take pictures of wild animals or cool scenery.
  • After dinner, we’ll go back to our hotel and relax before getting up early tomorrow morning for another day of adventure!

All you need to know before booking

All of our Multi-Day mountain biking excursions are personalized to accommodate you!  We take great care when planing your adventure, because we know not all adventure seekers are interested in the same things.  Some may be more interested in nature and exploring,  others may find the challenge of climbing a particular summit an adventure.  Whatever your seeking in your adventure let us know and we will do everything we can to make it happen!

There lot’s of flexibility here, to build your ideal excursion.  We can help, reduce overall tour time,  skip sections that are not of great interest or focus more on sections that you find highly interesting.  But rest assured that we are always conscious of the fact that you have chosen to travel a to Colombia, to ride with us.  We’re truly grateful for that trust and confidence, and we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

Experience and Condition..

Your riding experience and condition, as well as riding attitude are also a huge factor that can have a negative affect on the group and each persons experience on an adventure.  You do not need to be superman to have a good time on these adventures.  We always have slow riders and fast riders.  But we are here to enjoy nature, photograph it and relax. 

We are very supportive of each other on our adventures and we don’t want anyone feeling like they are holding us back.   But it helps if you are already mentally prepared for some trail discomfort when expanding your comfort zone.  Please ride on trails and train a little before coming, it helps to be in reasonably good shape and have some mountain biking or cycling experience.   We are going to help you become stronger and a more confident mountain bike rider when you join us.  Here in Colombia we say “When Mountain Biking it’s not the Mountains we conquer, but ourselves.” Don’t worry you’ll do fine, you’ll be tired at times, but in the end you’ll have an amazing adventure to share when you return home!

Fully supported Mountain Biking Adventures..

All our multi-day adventures are fully supported by a vehicle, they are there to support riders who need a rest, as well as to offer cold refreshments, carry our bags and to service bikes when needed.  However when we ride off road in wilderness areas our support vehicle often can not follow us.  So we are on our own till we reach the next connecting point together.  In some cases this may mean being out of phone or radio service at times.  Our detailed planning in advance of your adventure takes into consideration these possibilities.  Our guides and drivers have safety and rider support plans ready for each  area in the event they are needed.   We always communicate both in the planning stages of your adventure as well as in advance of arriving to a particular vehicle separation point on the journey what ride conditions are like and what rider options are so riders can choose whether to advance with the group or ride with the vehicle to the next point.

 The Mini Safari is minimum 4 day adventure.   The complete Safari 8 or more days.

We understand the importance of this adventure to you and we want it to go smoothly so you have the best experience while you’re with us.  These are the policies we set in place to help make sure we both are secure in the planning of your adventure.Free Pre-Registration: not sure you want to go yet? just give us some information and we’ll help you decide if this ride is for you and clear any doubts.Refundable & reusable Deposit: You want to go and not loose your place but still you have to sort out flights, permissions and other details. You can place a deposit for 10% of the ride cost and have 2 weeks (14 days) to get a refund minus the transaction fees, or you can use that deposit for any other date or trip we offer.

Minimum trip size: We want to give you a great price but to do that, we need at least 4 people to run this trip at the advertised base price. For groups of 1 to 3 people you have the option to take the adventure private by covering the cost of the 4th rider position.  This is the minimum cost (which is still very affordable) we will notify you 45 days in advance to give you enough time so we can try to avoid cancelling the trip.

Trip extensions: Colombia is worth visiting for a longer time, so much that most people tend to come back again. We can recommend additional destinations and plans based on your preferences and help you get the most out of your visit here. We can link it to other bike or regular tourism trips as well. If you have a partner who doesn’t ride but wants to join let us know too, we have bird watching, hiking, history and other activities that can be done while you pedal.
Fitness and Skill levels: One of the key points to insuring you have a great time is to prepare in advance and improve your fitness and skill levels. There is no getting around it, Colombia is 85% mountainous, so your going to climb hill! This trip in particular can be physically demanding and recommended an intermediate or above rider. That being said, remember the goal here is to enjoy yourself even while you’re being challenged. Also the support vehicle is there for you with cold drinks and refreshments as well as a ride if you feel tired. If you have questions ask us anything at anytime, we’re here to help you get over every hill so you can enjoy the ride!

Weather and altitude: The riding will be done in the range of 1000-2500 meters (3000 to 7500ft). The weather will be more to the hot side of the spectrum although rain and mild cold can be expected.
Food: Breakfasts, ride snacks and lunch are included in this trip. We select restaurants for their quality and cleanliness to avoid illness.  Meals at local restaurants average for a price around 10-15USD depending on the place.
Visas: All travelers require a valid passport (with a minimum of 6 months validity). Citizens of some countries will also require a visa.
Insurance: Your Adventure includes accident assistance insurance that covers local medical expenses in case of injury during the trip.  We encourage you to get an additional insurance for any other situations not related to the adventure.
Tipping: We encourage you to tip your guides if you feel you had a good service from them. Our guides are well payed but we also give you a very good price compared to the market so you can save a bit for your guides. A 3% to 7% of the trip total is a normal range (45 to 120 USD).
Safety and Security: Colombia is a much safer place than the news tell and the places we will visit should not pose any security risks, however you should exercise common sense and caution at all times. We recommend that you always stick to set travel arrangements, and avoid unknown areas. We also recommend that you wear minimal jewelry and that you keep valuable items safely stored. Always keep a copy of your passport, airline tickets, travelers checks and credit card numbers separate from where you keep the originals.


The Bike: Seriously, we offer for rent, well maintained good quality bikes for our guest to enjoy on our adventures.  But Honestly?!  If your coming to Colombia to ride, it is well worth the effort to bring your own bike.

Bringing your own ride.

If you’re a passionate MTB rider, you really should consider bring your bike to Colombia. You can pack your bike in a dedicated case or in a new bike box that you generally can get free from a bike shop.  If your having them service the bike before you leave just having them pack it for you in your travel container this should insure that it is done correctly and will reduce the chance of damage while in transit.  When packing your bike, you should always unmount your derailleur from the hanger and remove the hanger from the bike frame. Each bike models frame is different and if your hanger gets bent in shipping we can generally fix it, but if it can’t be fixed, finding a new one can be difficult here. This is why it’s advisable to pack a spare hanger, just in case your gets bent.

We recommend you bring a top quality hard-tail or full suspension MTB bike in solid working condition. You should definitely have it checked out by a professional mechanic before your trip. Once you’re here our professional bike technician can put it back together for you and check it out on this end. Then when you’re ready to repack it we can make sure it’s packed back up properly and ready for its return trip home.  Don’t worry about removing the brakes, but do place a shipping spacer in between the break pads.

Include any spares items you’ll need such as a field repair kit, riding accessories like your gloves and helmet, even a riding light might be helpful.  Pack your light rain gear and some favorite nutritional riding snacks. 

In summery, traveling with your own bike is not difficult.  Riding your own bike will maximize your comfort while on the trail.  Our bike tech is highly experienced working on most all premium brand bikes.  We can unpack it for you, reassemble it and have it working in for your adventure.  After your adventure we can even repack it for you before you return home.

The gear: The usual MTB gear is required such as helmet, gloves, padded cycling shorts, cycling jersey.  We prefer flat peddles with the correct type of shoes. Basic tools and a puncture repair kit.  Most rides are in temperate weather but Colombia is notorious for unpredictable rain, so plan accordingly. We’ll send you a packing list when you book.

Supplements and Energy Snacks
If you prefer your favorite brands of riding snack we suggest bring it with you. Here top brands are difficult to get out of the big cities and they are costly when you can find them.

Adventure cyclist, love taking photos. But carrying your camera while biking can be a challenge. There are two ways to carry it: on your body or on the bike. The former is certainly better for your camera but the latter allows your bike to do the heavy lifting. Which method works best for you will depend on the size and weight of your camera, as well as how solidly it’s built.

We’re concentrating on carrying solutions for the kind of cameras that appeal to Adventure cyclists- and bird photographers. This might be a small but high-quality pocket zoom, a compact fixed lens camera, a mirrorless system, or for the more dedicated image capturers, a DSLR. We’re not saying a smartphone with a decent camera can’t do a good job at documenting your ride—especially in capable hands! But as you can carry them almost anywhere, they pose less of a challenge—just make sure they stay dry and they’re not banging against your keys!

If you plan to carry larger gear then we suggest only carrying what you need for the moment on the bike and letting the support car carry the rest.

So hip bags are great for this but they have some downsides that you should be aware of before you buy one.  Rule one in Colombia, Keep it light, waterproof and accessible.

When you’re riding a mountain bike, you need to be able to access your camera quickly and easily. The best way to do this is with the help of a hip pack.

Hip packs are our camera-carrying bags of choice, largely because they provide similar protection to a backpack when riding trails and bumpy roads, but with less of the sweatyness. Most models rest above your backside and can be adjusted for stability. But some sit on the hip itself, which is inherently a surprisingly stable spot when you’re pedaling, and easier to get to when you stop. Hip packs can be tightened in when riding rowdy singletrack and when it comes to taking a photo, it’s simply a case of swinging the bag around your hips to access your camera in front of you.

On the upside, hip bags are easy to carry and come in a variety of styles and materials. They’re also easy to access when you’re on the bike, so it’s easy to grab your camera or snacks.

On the downside, hip bags don’t always suit larger cameras—especially those with long lenses—because they can be heavy. If your camera is heavy, choose one with a broad belt and make sure it has side stabilisation. It’s worth being mindful of the weight of your camera because when hip packs are overloaded, they can bounce around off-road or pull uncomfortably on your belly on climbs. We’re all different but as a rule of thumb, it’s probably best not to pack more than 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds) or so inside them. Additionally, hip bags can catch on your saddle when getting on and off the bike or pull uncomfortably on the stomach when riding downhill at speed.

You assume all risks by participating in this adventure.


Let’s be real..

You can get hurt riding a bike on the road or off the road.  Trail conditions in wild unmaintained wilderness areas change over time with heavy rain, plant growth, slides, etc.  In the Amazon and Andes regions of Colombia, trails that were totally amazing yesterday, can be a totally amazing technical challenge tomorrow, we’ve seen it happen!  It’s wild, raw nature complete with biting insects.  So please be prepared, add insect repellent to your cycling kit.

I acknowledge and agree that Mountain Biking adventures in Colombian wilderness spaces come with risks that I assume all responsibility for without reservation.  I understand and acknowledge that by my participation I have agreed to assume all risks, and wave all liability, and rights to hold accountable the organizers, guides and subcontractors of this event.  As a participant in any of the offered riding programs by the Rock & Road Riders Club of Colombia,  I PERSONALLY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL INHERENT RISKS, WHETHER FORESEEN OR UNFORESEEN, IN CONNECTION WITH MY ATTENDANCE OR PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENTS, AND RELATED ACTIVITIES FOR ANY LOSS, THEFT, DAMAGE, HARM, OR INJURY, INCLUDING PARALYSIS OR DEATH, THAT MAY BEFALL ME OR MY PROPERTY WHILE I AM ATTENDING THE EVENT AND RELATED ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING THE RISK OF NEGLIGENCE OF ANY PARTY OR PARTICIPANT, INCLUDING THE RELEASEES (ROCK & ROAD RIDERS CLUB AND IT’S EMPLOYEES AND SUB-CONTRACTORS). 

Acts of God and Nature

Outdoor activities such as Mountain Biking exposes me to nature and the elements.  By it’s nature, mountain biking is risky and sometimes dangerous.  I understand and accept that there are no  weather guarantees for multi-day adventures.  I realize Colombia is a tropical country and that it rains unexpectedly there at times.   I understand that riding in rain is sometimes part of the adventure, and that this is the reason why it’s called the Amazon “rain forest”.  We advise everyone please be prepared and bring light rainproof cycling gear as part of your kit.

And on a less serious note

I also acknowledge that wild animals have sharp teeth and can bite me!  Even if I have been nice to them!! (We advise everyone not to trust or handle snakes or other reptiles, they have small primitive brains.  No slander intended! Just remember the smaller ones can be poisonous, and the larger ones can hug you to death.)  I further acknowledge that no animals are on the payroll of the organizers, and as such are not obligated to have good manners or to refrain from biting, or even make a guest appearance on the adventure.   I understand that I may not see a particular bird or animal that I have been dying to see, even when others have seen a million of them a week before.  I also understand that if a bird poops on me that, this is a sign of good luck and fortune, and I will have to buy everyone in the group a beer at the next rest stop!   Two beers if I am caught attempting to wipe it off without being seen!  I further understand that animals move and migrate, and are not just sitting around waiting for me to arrive and snap a selfie.  I understand that often times we are rewarded with visits from other animals, so I will be flexible and prepared to photograph the amazing sighting we do make.

Adventure Highlights

  • Climbing all 740 steps of La Piedra del Peñol and visiting the most colorful town in Colombia, Guatapé.
  • Taking in the spectacular views of the backcountry around La Piedra del Peñol, parts of the surrounding archipelago and some local artisanal coffee farms. 
  • Passing through several small beautiful villages, pueblos, and old colonial towns where you’ll learn a little about their histories,  try some local dishes and relax between points on the safari.
  • Experience the breathtaking views of rarely seen and out of the way parts of the Colombian Andes.
  • Ride deep into the forests, and jungles climb trails in the Andes, traversing rivers, suspension bridges, uncharted trails, crossing mountain ridges, and riding back jeep country trails.  
  • This adventure is loaded with wildlife viewing opportunities, it’s a major part of the safari!  You’ll see uncountable numbers of colorful butterflies, strange colorful insects, and hundreds of colorful bird species.  Just to name a few of the more common birds we see are several Toucan species, Red Headed Barbets, Toucan Barbets, Several Parrot and Oropendola, species including Macaws as well as Barranqureo Andenas.
  • Other wildlife we often sometimes see are various species of monkeys, sloths, anteaters, otters, and wild hippopotamus!
  • You’ll swim in remote, picturesque waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and magnificent tropical mountain lakes all along the journey.
  • We’ll ride to Las Ventanas de Tisqusque and explore inside it’s cave, the surrounding area and other beautiful waterfalls.
  • We will ride to a massive natural jungle hole in the Andes to explore a uniquely different jungle ecosystem with caves, subterranean rivers and a very rare bird species, called the Guácharo or Oil Bird in English.
Adventure Difficulty Rating
colombia cycling adventure
Blue Diamond Intermediate experience

This is a long mulit-day adventure with mixed ground conditions, some paved and packed dirt as well as loose gravel, muddy trails, and uneven ground that changes trail conditions after rains. This adventure has a few moderate to steep uphill climbs and descends over various kinds of terrain often considered to be challenging but fun to an intermediate rider. 

Adventure Type Rating
colombia cycling adventure
This is a MTB cross country Adventure

This is an off-road Cross Country XC and Trail adventure with some Enduro runs that offers really fun trails, single track, and downhill best enjoyed by persons with some previous mountain biking experience.

Group Size:

Minimum 2
Máximum 10


COP $50


Payment Slip

What’s Included In this Adventure

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Hydration (water)
  • Use of a Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Medical Insurance
  • Guide & Bicycle Machanic Services
  • Any photos or video that may be taken by the guide are offered for free.

What’s not included

  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Items you may wish to purchase from stores or vendors
  • Return Automotive Transportation (Extra)
  • Power Drinks
  • Power Snacks
  • Extras such as gratuities you may wish to offer to people you meet on the

What to take

  1. Comfortable clothes to cycle in, loose or stretchable materials are your
    best choice.
  2. Lightweight rain jacket, just incase the weather changes.
  3. Tennis Shoes or Cycling Shoes. (Sandals and Flip-flops are not permitted on this adventure due to off road riding conditions because of the potential for injury)
  4. Photographic gear or a smartphone with a really good camera!!
  5. Small Drone if you wish!!
  6. Power snacks, especially if you have particular dietary needs or preferences.
  7. Power drinks if you prefer them. The tour includes water for hydration.

What not to take

  1. No Pets
  2. No young children needing child safety seats. The ride is off road in parts and is not appropriate for infants and really young children.
  3. No drugs

Departure details

This Adventure starts at Guatapé’s Casa de Ciclistas

Additional information

  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
  • This activity is not wheelchair accessible
  • Adventures Operate in all weather conditions
  • There is no minimum number of clients required for booking.
  • Not Stroller accessible, no child seats are available for our bikes.
  • The Casa De Ciclistas Clubhouse is located at the entrance of town across the main street from the municipal parking lot, follow the dirt road,
    next to the Ferroagro Hardware Store
colombia cycling adventure
Meet your guide at the Rock & Road Riders Club Restaurant & Cafe in Guatape.

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Cycling in Colombia is the best way to fully experience the country’s stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality. We invite you to join us, on a fully supported cycling adventure here in Colombia to visit places that can only be seen on two wheels.

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Cycling is at the core of all our adventures, not because we are hardcore cyclists, but because we are hardcore explorers!  What makes our adventures different is that we focus on discovery and sharing by capturing images of the wildlife, natural resources, culture and the beauty of Colombia!  To us a camera is an essential piece of biking equipment.

colombia cycling adventure
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colombia cycling adventure

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