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Duration: 1 Day
Trail Type: MTB XC / Enduro
Skills Level: Intermediate
Fitness Level: Three
Group Minimum Size: 2
Group Maximum Size: 8
Starts at: Guatapés Casa de Ciclistas
Price: $225.00 per person

Minimum 48 Hour Advance Booking

Mountain Bike Colombia MAX-AIR Adventure

Ready to ride high in Colombia?  This is Mountain Biking with a Killer View!  The ultimate adrenaline-pumping, jaw-dropping MTB adventure in Colombia’s Andes Mountains will  have all your friends back home green with envy!  So strap on your bike helmet, tighten your gloves and lets rock this epic single day ride!  It’ll have you ripping the trails, exploring waterfalls, and soaring high above the canopy floor, across a 1/2 mile canyon.

On this Mountain Bike Colombia Adventure, you’ll take on the Andes like a rockstar, riding through the lush jungles, exploring some of the cascading waterfalls that make this region so iconic.  And once you reach the end of the trail you’ll need to soar through the air like a bird, for over half a mile suspended 300 meters or 1000 feet above the canopy floor – with your mountain bike!  It’s a unique photo one for the bike-it-list!

Don’t believe us? Just wait until you show your friends back home the incredible photos of you and your bike defying gravity like a boss. They’ll be wondering where on earth you did it!

So, what are you waiting for?  Get ready to ride, explore, rip and soar like never before – on this Mountain Bike Colombia Max-Air Adventure.  The Andes  are calling, answer the call!

Mountain Bike Colombia MAX-AIR Adventure
Spectacular WATERFALLs
Mountain Bike Colombia MAX-AIR Adventure
Joy At The End Of the Double Rainbow

An Absolute Must For Your BIKE-IT-LIST!

This is not your grandma’s bike ride, folks. It’s an adventure that will leave you feeling alive and on top of the world. The MAX-AIR mountain biking adventure is not for the faint of heart, but for those who crave an adrenaline rush and have a passion for Mountain Biking.

You’ll conquer remote mountain passes, blaze through lush jungle trails, and send it over breathtaking waterfalls. And if you thought the views were stunning, wait until you’re soaring 1000 feet above the jungle floor on a cable ride across a canyon valley.  It’s like a roller-coaster on steroids, but with even better views.

The MAX-AIR MTB Adventure: where extreme meets breathtaking in the most epic way possible!  It’s an experience like no other, and one that you’ll leave with epic photos of, your time in Colombia, with memories to share for lifetime!

Mountain Bike Colombia MAX-AIR Adventure

The Day In A Snapshot!

Mountain Bike Colombia MAX-AIR Adventure
Enjoying Lunch after the ride

On this epic Mountain Bike Colombia Adventure, You’ll be tearing up jeep trails through the Andes mountains on a gnarly mountain bike, dodging rocks and zooming down rocky  trails.  And don’t forget to bring your camera because you’ll be encountering more colorful tropical birds on this ride than a psychedelic rainbow!

But wait, there’s more! Not only will you be facing your fear of heights as you climb and descend treacherous hills, but you’ll also be risking your life as you cross on a cable over a gaping chasm.

Sure, there’s a chance the cable could snap, or lighting could strike, but don’t think about that!  Relax and take comfort in knowing that many of our nervous riders have reported seeing mystical Andean unicorns flying along side them, calming their fears as they’ve cross the canyon.  So buckle up, grab your helmet, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Here’s what you can expect on this adventure:

  • Arrive a Casa de Ciclistas at 7:00AM to charge up your Caffeine system and grab some pancakes.
  • After breakfast, we’ll head out and hit the trails through the mountains.
  • We’ll traverse some stunning mountain passes to reach a nearby village.  From there, we’ll hop onto a Chiva, a vibrant open-air bus, that will take us to the trailhead for the final leg of our adventure.
  • Eventually, we’ll reach the end of the line, where we’ll cross the gorge, If your nervous about the crossing relax, or you’ll miss seeing a mystical Andean unicorn flying next to you to comfort you. 
  • After our crossing, we’ll have lunch and go down to the waterfalls, then continue on our journey.
  • We then mount our bikes again for our ride back to the trailhead where we once again re-board our Chiva which is our ride back to Guatapé.
Mountain Bike Colombia MAX-AIR Adventure
A Mystical Andean Unicorn Calming Our Nervous Rider

General Information

Departure details

This Adventure starts at Guatapés Casa de Ciclistas Restaurant.


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