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Duration: 2 Days
Trail Type: MTB Cross Country / Enduro
Skills Level: Intermediate
Fitness Level: Three
Group Minimum Size: 2
Group Minimum Size: 8
Starts: Guatapés Casa de Ciclistas
Price: $200 per person, double occupancy

With A Small Group?

Ride Colombia with Local Riders

MTB Antioquia, Rolling With The Paisas

Join us on a 3-day XC Mountain Biking adventure in the heart of Colombia with local riders.  This “Paisa” mountain bike adventure is an immersive experience in Antioqueñan culture. Connect with native “Paisas,” born in Antioquia, as they share their local knowledge and favorite riding spots. Discover the thrill of climbing hills, a passion ingrained in their mountainous DNA. The off-road journey spans picturesque villages, lush forests, farm country, Andes mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, revealing Antioquia’s hidden gems. Brace yourself for a true Paisa MTB riding adventure, including a ride through a 2-mile-long train tunnel and a taste of the iconic Bandeja Paisa. 🚵‍♂️🏞️ #PaisaMTBAdventure #ColombianCycling

MTB Antioquia, Rolling With The Paisas (Locals)
Pregnant Mountain Colombia

Riding Antioquia

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Antioquia in Colombia on a thrilling mountain biking adventure with local riders. The diverse landscape, from lush forests to rocky paths with stunning views, caters to riders of all skill levels. Riding with locals not only adds authenticity but also immerses you in the culture and traditions of the area. Learn about Antioquia’s history and customs firsthand, making new friends along the way. Uncover hidden parts of Colombia, whether you’re an experienced biker or trying something new. Exploring Antioquia with local riders promises a memorable and rewarding experience you won’t want to miss. 🚵‍♂️🏞️ #AntioquiaMTB #ColombianAdventure

MTB Antioquia, Rolling With The Paisas
Experance Real Colombia From A Mountain Bike

Rolling With The Paisas

Wild Colombia

Colombia is a Mountain Biking Friendly Paradise

Colombia, a mountain biking haven, welcomes off-road riders with open arms and a vibrant MTB culture. While some countries are tightening trail access, Colombia encourages riders to freely explore its diverse landscapes, from the Andes to the Amazon, boasting 37 mountain ranges with peaks over 6,000 meters. As the second most biodiverse country globally, it’s a paradise for nature lovers and mountain bikers alike. Join Mountain Bike Colombia for hassle-free adventures, unlocking the full two-wheeled experience of this captivating nation. 🚵‍♂️🌄 #MTBParadise #BikeColombia

What to expect

mountain bike fitness level three

After fueling up with caffeine, kick off your day with a quick warm-up ride before a delightful breakfast in a charming town with stunning views and delectable cuisine.

Venture far beyond the tourist trails on this unique journey, discovering a Colombia cherished by local “Paisa” Mountain Bikers. Immerse yourself in genuine Colombian MTB culture, exchanging hospitality and cultural insights with passionate riders in their homeland. This is an authentic Colombia, untouched by typical tourist routes, embracing the rich traditions of Paisa culture.

Join esteemed local riders—both guys and gals—who will guide you to hidden gems. This cross-cultural MTB adventure unfolds in one of Colombia’s most breathtaking regions.

You’ll experience a vibrant array of wildlife, from colorful tropical birds to playful monkeys, and if luck is on our side, even glimpses of Tapirs! Don’t forget to pack your camera for these incredible sightings.

Each morning, kickstart your day with a cup of Tino (Coffee) shared by the Ride Guide and our local guest riders. After a delicious breakfast at a local hangout, embark on a thrilling ride through diverse trails, connecting charming villages like Guatapé, Alejandria, Santo Domingo, Cisneros, San Roque, Jaguas, and San Rafael, before circling back to Guatapé. 📸☕🚵‍♂️

mountain bike fitness level three

Departure details

This Adventure starts at Guatapés Casa de Ciclistas Restaurant.

MTB Antioquia, Rolling With The Paisas (Locals) - Mountain Bike Colombia, Colombia Cycling Adventures
mountain bike colombia
mountain bike colombia
mountain bike colombia

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