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Duration: 7 Days
Adventure type: MTB XC / Enduro / e-MTB / Gravel Bike friendly.
Skills Level: Two
Fitness Level: Three
Group Minimum Size: 2
Group Maximum Size: 8
Starts: Guatapés Casa de Ciclistas

Mountain Biking Colombia's Coffee Utopia!

Some folks say utopia doesn’t exist, but they’ve  obviously never been to Colombia’s cafetero region.  This 7 day mountain biking adventure is definitely not, your normal coffee run!!  You’ll be riding through the fields of Colombia’s coffee region, pedaling the trails of science to prove once and for all that caffeine is the holy grail, a never-ending, fully renewable, all natural, source of sustained energy.  This is the ultimate mountain bike adventure to Colombia’s caffeine utopia, y’all!

If you’re a bean addicted cyclist in need of a brewed awaking in the morning, then this adventure has all the right ingredients, from the extreme to the serene, to fully charge your caffeine system and keep your pedals cranking!

For coffee loving cyclist this is the adventure of a lifetime! Not only will you get to sample the world’s freshest coffee on a coffee plantation tour, but you’ll also ride your bikes through stunning coffee fields and wilderness trails filled with wildlife, waterfalls, and even volcanic thermal pools.  And the best part? You’ll have a friendly guide crew, delicious cuisine, cozy accommodations, and a warm culture to top it all off.”

Plus for those adventure cyclists suffering from OCD, (Obsessive Coffee Disorder) this adventure even offers you a chance at fame & fortune!  If you’re up to the challenge of climbing Alto de Letras, on road or off road (the worlds hardest climb!)  You’ll enter the cycling world’s history books!

Hummingbirds Lining up for a kiss In Colombia

The Perfect Mountain Bike Adventure!

Experience the thrill of mountain biking through the scenic landscapes and coffee plantations of Colombia. Tackle rough, bumpy trails and navigate through muddy paths as you ride through the beautiful wilderness, encountering an array of wildlife and breathtaking waterfalls along the way. Take a break to soak in the soothing volcanic hot springs before continuing your journey through this caffeine-filled utopia. Mountain biking in Colombia offers an unparalleled adventure in the high Andes Mountains that you won’t find anywhere else. Savor every moment as you indulge in a perfect cup of coffee straight from the farm, all while enjoying the freedom of the open road on two wheels.

Mountain Biking Colombia's Coffee Utopia

The Java Jitters in Colombia's Caffeine Utopia

Colombia is a Mountain Biking Friendly Paradise

Colombia is the ultimate destination for mountain bikers and adventure cyclists. For mountain biking enthusiasts, Colombia offers a lively MTB community and wide-open access to off-road trails.  Cycling is  the second most popular sport in the country behind futbol (soccer).  Colombia has  no trail restrictions, no trail police, nor does it fine MTB riders!  In Colombia, mountain bikers are warmly welcomed to explore its breathtaking wilderness spaces, from the majestic Andes to the lush Amazon.  Discover the second most biodiverse country in the world, where diverse ecosystems, terrain and natural beauty are yours to freely ride and explore.  With 37 peaks over 6,000 meters, the Amazon wilderness and an abundance of natural beauty, Colombia is truly a paradise for mountain bikers. And with Mountain Bike Colombia, you can experience the very best of this incredible country on two wheels with ease. So come on, join us and start your next MTB adventure in Colombia!


  • Support Vehicle Services
  • Bike handling and tech assembly services
  • MBC MTB Style Riding Jersey
  • Use of a well maintained hard tail MTB bike should your bike fail should our tech be unable to find the required parts in time to fix it.
  • Bike tech services by our tech while on the adventure
  • Breakfast at Casa de Ciclistas
  • An English / Spanish Speaking Guide
  • Medical Insurance for the adventure
  • Sports Hydration and Bottled Water
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on the adventure and Bocadillos, (Colombian cycling snacks)
  • Hospitality and Accommodations

Not Included

  • Climbing Fee’s for La Piedera del Peñol
  • Fees for optional side attractions not included in the adventure.
  • Items you may wish to purchase while in Colombia
  • Bike tech labor fees, parts, or services provided by a third party shop or bike tech that may be needed while on the adventure due to a failure
  • Hospitality fees for services and Accommodations before or after the adventure. During the adventure all Hospitality and Accommodations are covered.
  • Hotel Extras are not included, this means room service, bar tabs, food ordered from the hotel kitchen, and room mini fridge products, are not included.

Bookable Extras

  • Pro Photographer / Videographer Services (Quoted Separately)
  • Exclusive Estate Rentals with private Chef or Catering (Quoted Separately)

What to expect

Here’s what you can expect on a typical day of riding:
    • Start the day by fueling up the caffeine system.
    • Go for a short pre-breakfast ride before stopping at a local cyclist pit stop for a delicious breakfast.
    • Ride the day’s trails through the mountains, taking breaks for lunch at designated stops along the way.
    • Explore more trails in the afternoon, taking the time to capture pictures of wildlife and picturesque scenery.
    • End the day by returning to the hotel, relaxing and getting ready for another day filled with adventure and riding.

On this exciting adventure, you will have the opportunity to explore off-the-beaten-path locations in Colombia’s Coffee Utopia by bike. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the stunning views, trails, waterfalls, and an array of colorful tropical birds that you will encounter. These are sights you won’t want to miss!

In addition to the breathtaking landscapes, you’ll also visit a coffee farm and tour the facility. During your visit, you’ll taste a variety of coffees and learn about the process of harvesting and processing these beans. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

Adventure Highlights

Arrive in Medellin, Colombia Elevation: 1480m / 4856ft ASL and travel to Guatapé Elevation: 1934m / 6345ft ASL where our adventures begin the next day.  Day zero is the day before rider check-in and before actual riding programs officially start.  We advise all riders to plan their arrivals in Guatapé, Colombia a day before the riding activities begin.   We do this day zero because many riders have already arrived in Colombia and are coming from other parts of the country.  If you have scheduled an airport pickup with us the date before rider check-in, we will be there one hour before your flights scheduled arrival. 

Once we arrive in Guatapé we’ll take you to your hotel so you can check in and get settled.  The next morning starts the official check-in time, and we all meet up for breakfast at Casa de Ciclistas.  This is where you’ll meet the adventure guide team.  They will present a brief orientation before activities begin.   If you wish for us to unpack and reassemble your bike, we will inspect it together with you then receive it on day zero for reassembly.  We advise you do this with us, so we’ll have sufficient time to find any needed parts that may have become damaged in transit.  There is no charge for our bike reassembly service, or for bike tech services while on the adventure.  However if parts or unplanned bike-tech services are required to correct a bike function issue that is the result of air travel or shipping then the fees for these parts and services are not included in our free reassembly service.  If we need to have a courier run for a part then those fees along with the bike part and the services will be charged additionally.


After a brief overnight stay in Medellin, we depart for Jardin with a short breakfast stop midway in a cute little coffee pueblo called Hispania.  Shortly after we arrive in Jardin and check into our hostel.  After squaring away our things we prepare to head out for our first trail ride in Jardin.

Our first ride in Jardin is a light one taking us on a nice little uphill climb past a cute Pesquería that also makes Panella its a beautiful place to checkout along the way.  Then it’s off to a beautiful waterfall and then to Cafe Jardin where we can have lunch and some coffee.  After lunch we have a fun trail decent to a place where we will spend sometime with some amazingly beautiful and unique looking birds called Gallito de Rocas.  There are many other species there as well to enjoy and photograph.

After our visit to see the birds we’ll return to Jardin for some free time so you can  explore the town of Jardin. We’ll meet up later for dinner.

The next morning we’ll be riding all day in the mountains above Jardin along some beautiful trails and ridges that lead to the Cave of Splendor.  By now your body will be acclimated and ready for some moderate climbing.  It’s not a difficult climb but your going to get a good workout.  After visiting the cave it’s a lunch and then a wonderful two hour trail decent back to Jardin.

Upon returning to Jardin our team will need to spend a little time cleaning everyone’s bikes, lubing them up and preparing for an early morning departure.  Take this time to shower off and do some last minute exploring in town.  We will meet up for dinner when the team is done preparing for our morning departure.

Día 3: Jardin – Rio Sucio

Day three was designed to fill your souls need to explore and connect with nature!  We start with a refreshing early morning ride in the mountains, where we hope to see the sunrise come up over some of the most beautiful wilderness spaces of Colombia’s Java República.  This ride leads us through a passage of virgin forest loaded with waterfalls and wildlife, you’ll absolutely need a camera today!!!  If you have a small light drone that too would be prefect here as the vistas are indescribably beautiful! We typically see a tremendous variety of exotic birds, monkeys, sloths, and other wildlife, including  hundreds of species of hummingbirds and smaller colorful birds, parrots and a variety of toucan species.  The animals tend to be most active in the morning, so it’s important we leave before the sunrise.  We will be stopping at a wilderness reserve where we will explore a beautiful jungle hiking trail before continuing on.  In addition to birds, on past hikes here we have seen sloths, monkeys, frogs and all sorts colorful strange insects, mosses and flowering plant species.  These wilderness spaces are absolutely breathtaking and the biodiversity you will see here, is beyond amazing.  You’ll see things here you have never see before!

Once we finish at the nature reserve we have a very long fun 3 hour downhill trail ride through the wilderness to our next stop.  This is another nature reserve but it’s  completely different then the first one.  We spend a brief period time here before continuing on to Rio Sucio, where we will be spending the night.

Total Riding distance today: XXX kms
Tiempo: X horas XX min
Transporte: Van and MTB


1. Two of the most spectacular wilderness reserves in Colombia.

2. Jungle hike through a moss forest. 

Día 4: Rio Sucio – Salento

Distancia: 196 kms
Tiempo: 3 horas 30 min
Transporte: carro


1. Centro Salento


Transporte: Carro
Distancia: 110 kms
Tiempo: 2 horas 30 min


1. Laguna de Sonso ( avistamiento de aves, chiguiros, iguanas, nutrias, etc) (Bici)
2. Vista del Lago Calima
3. Buenaventura – Juanchaco (Lancha) Tiempo: 1 hora
4. Juanchaco – Ladrilleros (bici): Hospedaje.
5. Playa de ladrilleros
6. Tour fitoplancton



1. Recorrido por la playa de Juanchaco a la barra ( ida y regreso ) (Bici)
3. Cascada la Serpie y piscinas naturales las 3 Marías.(Lancha).
4. Visita comunidad indígena.

Día 7: Manizales to Medellin

On the last day of our journey we will be returning to Medellin from Manizales, but not without one final shot of coffee and a short ride to a very cool Colombian MTB destination.

NOTA: los clientes regresan en avión a sus países de origen y nosotros regresamos a GUATAPÉ en el carro de apoyo.

Multi-day Adventure Group Sizes:

Open Itineraries:

Minimum Group Size: 2 Riders
Maximum Group Size: 8 Riders

Private Itineraries:

Minimum Group: 4 Riders
Maximum Group: 8 Riders

Club Itineraries:

Minimum Group: 8 Riders
Maximum Group: 10 Riders (Excluding Club Leadership)

What To Take

  1. Comfortable clothes to cycle in, loose or stretchable materials are your best choice.
  2. Lite day or cycling pack
  3. Stuff-able windbreakers / rain jacket, just in case the weather changes.
  4. Cycling Shoes or Sport Shoes.  Sandals and Flip-flops are not permitted for riding on our adventures due to riding conditions.
  5. Photographic gear or a smartphone with a really good camera!!
  6. Really small lite drone if you care too!!
  7. Power snacks, hydration supplements especially if you have a particular brand preference.

All you need to know before booking

Generally speaking our multi-day MTB adventures are best enjoyed on a Full Suspension, All Mountain Trail, or Enduro style bike, or a well equipped Cross Country or hard-tail style MTB bike.  We suggest your bike be equipped with a front suspension, a dropper post if you prefer and with well maintained shifting and braking components for trouble free riding on your adventure.  We recommend you bring a spare set of brake pads and a spare derailleur hanger for your bike in case yours get bent.  Here in Colombia getting some bike parts can take more time then in other parts of the world.   All of our multi-day mountain biking excursions can be custom tailored for your group. 
Ask us anything, were here to insure this adventure is a magical experience for all of us.  We can recommend additional destinations and plans based on your preferences and help you get the most out of your visit to Colombia.  We can link your riding adventure to other regular tourism activities and we can even secure your bike for you without cost while you do other activities.
There lot’s of flexibility and options here, to build your ideal Mountain Bike Holiday in Colombia.

Fully supported Mountain Biking Adventures.

All our multi-day adventures are fully supported by a vehicle, they are there to support riders who need a rest, as well as to offer cold refreshments, carry our bags and to service bikes when needed.  Because we mountain bike off road there are times we must separate from the support vehicle.  For example on single track trails.  Our guides and drivers have safety and rider support protocols they follow for each place we ride.  We always communicate with you in advance of a departure point what the plan is for that stage of the ride.  If for example we plan to depart a main trail for a ride on a single track trail, then the driver and ride guide leader will coordinate the meet up point.  Riders are then given an instructional overview of  the upcoming trail conditions.  Riders feeling uncertain about the side trail will be given an option to continue on the route and a guide assistant will accompany those riders.   Riders also have the option to ride with the vehicle to the next point.

We understand that booking an MTB adventure to another country has many things that need to be worked out in advance.  Our NO worries pre booking policy gives you 15 days to get everything all figured out without any deposit.  Simply let us know you wish to reserve space on an adventure.  We’ll hold it for you and in ten days  remind you that you’ll need to place your deposit on the trip to confirm your reserved space.  This will give you time to sort out flights, bike servicing, house sitters, and other details before you’ll need to place your deposit to reserve your space.  Our booking policies are fully covered HERE in the terms and conditions section of our site.


Your trip DEPOSIT (25% of trip cost) is fully refundable if cancelled up to 15 days after you book, and you are more then 60 days before the trip departure date.  After 15 days your Deposit is non-refundable, however it is fully transferable (you may transfer to another adventure), or place your deposit on account for a future adventure prior to your final payment date. 

If you need to cancel a trip please consider our cancellation policy below.
* 91+ days prior to your trip – No cancellation fees.
* 61 – 90 days prior to your trip – cancellation fee of $500 USD
* 0 – 60 days prior to your trip – NON-REFUNDABLE IF CANCELED.
* Travel/Cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

Once a trip is planned we will do everything in our power to respect the departure date. However if we have to cancel a trip, then you will receive a full refund for the paid portion of your trip and a credit of $500 USD towards another MOUNTAIN BIKE COLOMBIA ADVENTURE.
FINAL PAYMENT is due 60 days prior to departure.  If you cancel your trip 60 days before departure 100% of your trip cost is non-refundable.
*It is the responsibility of participants to purchase Travel Insurance to avoid loss of funds if cancellation is necessary.  All cancellations must be made via email to
Minimum trip size:  We want to give you a great price, and in order to do that, on our multi-day adventures, there needs to be at least 4 people booked to run a trip longer then two days, at the advertised base price, unless otherwise stated on that trips particular trip description page.  For groups of 1 to 3 people you’ll have the option to take the adventure private by the group splitting the cost to cover the missing 4th rider position.  This is the minimum cost (which is still very affordable) we will notify you 45 days in advance to give you enough time so we can try to avoid cancelling a trip.

Trip extensions: Colombia is worth visiting for a longer time, so much that most people tend to come back again. We can recommend additional destinations and plans based on your preferences and help you get the most out of your visit here. We can link it to other bike or regular tourism trips as well. If you have a partner who doesn’t ride but wants to join let us know too, we have bird watching, hiking, history and other activities that can be done while you pedal.
Fitness and Skill levels: One of the key points to insuring you have a great time is to prepare in advance and improve your fitness and skill levels. There is no getting around it, Colombia is 85% mountainous, so your going to climb hill! This trip in particular can be physically demanding and recommended an intermediate or above rider. That being said, remember the goal here is to enjoy yourself even while you’re being challenged. Also the support vehicle is there for you with cold drinks and refreshments as well as a ride if you feel tired. If you have questions ask us anything at anytime, we’re here to help you get over every hill so you can enjoy the ride!

Weather and altitude: The riding will be done in the range of 1000-2500 meters (3000 to 7500ft). The weather will be more to the hot side of the spectrum although rain and mild cold can be expected.
Food: Breakfasts, ride snacks and lunch are included in this trip. We select restaurants for their quality and cleanliness to avoid illness.  Meals at local restaurants average for a price around 10-15USD depending on the place.
Visas: All travelers require a valid passport (with a minimum of 6 months validity). Citizens of some countries will also require a visa.
Insurance: Your Adventure includes accident assistance insurance that covers local medical expenses in case of injury during the trip.  We encourage you to get an additional insurance for any other situations not related to the adventure.
Tipping: We encourage you to tip your guides if you feel you had a good service from them. Our guides are well payed but we also give you a very good price compared to the market so you can save a bit for your guides. A 3% to 7% of the trip total is a normal range (45 to 120 USD).
Safety and Security: Colombia is a much safer place than the news tell and the places we will visit should not pose any security risks, however you should exercise common sense and caution at all times. We recommend that you always stick to set travel arrangements, and avoid unknown areas. We also recommend that you wear minimal jewelry and that you keep valuable items safely stored. Always keep a copy of your passport, airline tickets, travelers checks and credit card numbers separate from where you keep the originals.


The Bike: Seriously, we offer for rent, well maintained good quality bikes for our guest to enjoy on our adventures.  But Honestly?!  If your coming to Colombia to ride, it is well worth the effort to bring your own bike.

Bringing your own ride.

If you’re a passionate MTB rider, you really should consider bring your bike to Colombia. You can pack your bike in a dedicated case or in a new bike box that you generally can get free from a bike shop.  If your having them service the bike before you leave just having them pack it for you in your travel container this should insure that it is done correctly and will reduce the chance of damage while in transit.  When packing your bike, you should always unmount your derailleur from the hanger and remove the hanger from the bike frame. Each bike models frame is different and if your hanger gets bent in shipping we can generally fix it, but if it can’t be fixed, finding a new one can be difficult here. This is why it’s advisable to pack a spare hanger, just in case your gets bent.

We recommend you bring a top quality hard-tail or full suspension MTB bike in solid working condition. You should definitely have it checked out by a professional mechanic before your trip. Once you’re here our professional bike technician can put it back together for you and check it out on this end. Then when you’re ready to repack it we can make sure it’s packed back up properly and ready for its return trip home.  Don’t worry about removing the brakes, but do place a shipping spacer in between the break pads.

Include any spares items you’ll need such as a field repair kit, riding accessories like your gloves and helmet, even a riding light might be helpful.  Pack your light rain gear and some favorite nutritional riding snacks. 

In summery, traveling with your own bike is not difficult.  Riding your own bike will maximize your comfort while on the trail.  Our bike tech is highly experienced working on most all premium brand bikes.  We can unpack it for you, reassemble it and have it working in for your adventure.  After your adventure we can even repack it for you before you return home.

The gear: The usual MTB gear is required such as helmet, gloves, padded cycling shorts, cycling jersey.  We prefer flat pedals with pins for all mountain/enduro riders with the correct type of shoes.  However clip style pedals works fine for riders who enjoy more cross country style riding.  Bring a biking mult-itool and a puncture repair kit.  Most rides are in temperate weather but Colombia is notorious for unpredictable rain, so plan accordingly.  We’ll send a more detailed packing list when you book your adventure.

Supplements and Energy Snacks
If you prefer your favorite brands of riding snack we suggest bring it with you. Here top brands are difficult to get out of the big cities and they are costly when you can find them.

Adventure cyclist, love taking photos. But carrying your camera while biking can be a challenge. There are two ways to carry it: on your body or on the bike. The former is certainly better for your camera but the latter allows your bike to do the heavy lifting. Which method works best for you will depend on the size and weight of your camera, as well as how solidly it’s built.

We’re concentrating on carrying solutions for the kind of cameras that appeal to Adventure cyclists- and bird photographers. This might be a small but high-quality pocket zoom, a compact fixed lens camera, a mirrorless system, or for the more dedicated image capturers, a DSLR. We’re not saying a smartphone with a decent camera can’t do a good job at documenting your ride—especially in capable hands! But as you can carry them almost anywhere, they pose less of a challenge—just make sure they stay dry and they’re not banging against your keys!

If you plan to carry larger gear then we suggest only carrying what you need for the moment on the bike and letting the support car carry the rest.

So hip bags are great for this but they have some downsides that you should be aware of before you buy one.  Rule one in Colombia, Keep it light, waterproof and accessible.

When you’re riding a mountain bike, you need to be able to access your camera quickly and easily. The best way to do this is with the help of a hip pack.

Hip packs are our camera-carrying bags of choice, largely because they provide similar protection to a backpack when riding trails and bumpy roads, but with less of the sweatyness. Most models rest above your backside and can be adjusted for stability. But some sit on the hip itself, which is inherently a surprisingly stable spot when you’re pedaling, and easier to get to when you stop. Hip packs can be tightened in when riding rowdy singletrack and when it comes to taking a photo, it’s simply a case of swinging the bag around your hips to access your camera in front of you.

On the upside, hip bags are easy to carry and come in a variety of styles and materials. They’re also easy to access when you’re on the bike, so it’s easy to grab your camera or snacks.

On the downside, hip bags don’t always suit larger cameras—especially those with long lenses—because they can be heavy. If your camera is heavy, choose one with a broad belt and make sure it has side stabilisation. It’s worth being mindful of the weight of your camera because when hip packs are overloaded, they can bounce around off-road or pull uncomfortably on your belly on climbs. We’re all different but as a rule of thumb, it’s probably best not to pack more than 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds) or so inside them. Additionally, hip bags can catch on your saddle when getting on and off the bike or pull uncomfortably on the stomach when riding downhill at speed.

You assume all risks by participating in this adventure.


Let’s be real..

You can get hurt riding a bike on the road or off the road.  Trail conditions in wild unmaintained wilderness areas change over time with heavy rain, plant growth, slides, etc.  In the Amazon and Andes regions of Colombia, trails that were totally amazing yesterday, can be a totally amazing technical challenge tomorrow, we’ve seen it happen!  It’s wild, raw nature complete with biting insects.  So please be prepared, add insect repellent to your cycling kit.

I acknowledge and agree that Mountain Biking adventures in Colombian wilderness spaces come with risks that I assume all responsibility for without reservation.  I understand and acknowledge that by my participation I have agreed to assume all risks, and wave all liability, and rights to hold accountable the organizers, guides and subcontractors of this event.  As a participant in any of the offered riding programs by the Rock & Road Riders Club of Colombia,  I PERSONALLY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL INHERENT RISKS, WHETHER FORESEEN OR UNFORESEEN, IN CONNECTION WITH MY ATTENDANCE OR PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENTS, AND RELATED ACTIVITIES FOR ANY LOSS, THEFT, DAMAGE, HARM, OR INJURY, INCLUDING PARALYSIS OR DEATH, THAT MAY BEFALL ME OR MY PROPERTY WHILE I AM ATTENDING THE EVENT AND RELATED ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING THE RISK OF NEGLIGENCE OF ANY PARTY OR PARTICIPANT, INCLUDING THE RELEASEES (ROCK & ROAD RIDERS CLUB AND IT’S EMPLOYEES AND SUB-CONTRACTORS). 

Acts of God and Nature

Outdoor activities such as Mountain Biking exposes me to nature and the elements.  By it’s nature, mountain biking is risky and sometimes dangerous.  I understand and accept that there are no  weather guarantees for multi-day adventures.  I realize Colombia is a tropical country and that it rains unexpectedly there at times.   I understand that riding in rain is sometimes part of the adventure, and that this is the reason why it’s called the Amazon “rain forest”.  We advise everyone please be prepared and bring light rainproof cycling gear as part of your kit.

And on a less serious note

I also acknowledge that wild animals have sharp teeth and can bite me!  Even if I have been nice to them!! (We advise everyone not to trust or handle snakes or other reptiles, they have small primitive brains.  No slander intended! Just remember the smaller ones can be poisonous, and the larger ones can hug you to death.)  I further acknowledge that no animals are on the payroll of the organizers, and as such are not obligated to have good manners or to refrain from biting, or even make a guest appearance on the adventure.   I understand that I may not see a particular bird or animal that I have been dying to see, even when others have seen a million of them a week before.  I also understand that if a bird poops on me that, this is a sign of good luck and fortune, and I will have to buy everyone in the group a beer at the next rest stop!   Two beers if I am caught attempting to wipe it off without being seen!  I further understand that animals move and migrate, and are not just sitting around waiting for me to arrive and snap a selfie.  I understand that often times we are rewarded with visits from other animals, so I will be flexible and prepared to photograph the amazing sighting we do make.

Departure details

This Adventure starts at Guatapés Casa de Ciclistas Restaurant.

Contact us anytime if you have questions

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Mountain Biking in Colombia is the best way to fully experience the country’s stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality. We invite you to join us, on a fully supported cycling adventure here in Colombia to visit places that can only be seen on two wheels.

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