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Duration: Duration: 4 1/2 hours +
Adventure type: MTB Cross Country
Group Minimum Size: 2
Group Minimum Size: 10
Starts: Guatapés Casa de Ciclistas

About This Adventure

So you conquered all 740 steps of La Piedra del Peñol, now you’re thinking, what else can I do in Guatapé?  If you enjoy getting out and experiencing nature, Mountain Biking in Colombia is the best way to see the country. Did you know that there are two other giant and equally impressive Piedras like the one you just climbed?  One of them even has a beautiful church under it!!  Exploring Guatapé Antioquia by bike is really the best way to really see this part of Colombia.  Antioquia, Colombia is a picturesque wonderland full of natural wonders, spectacular vistas, and immense bio-diversity! Really there’s so much more to see here!  If you love biking and your a passionate explorer, the we invite you to join us on an amazing cycling adventure around the three Piedras of Antioquia, Colombia.

On this one amazing cross country mountain biking adventure you’ll travel across the Embalse (the lake) in a boat, see Pablo Escobar’s Island, then ride a bicycle through some of the most scenic countryside in Colombia, as you visit the Giant Piedras on the return we also visit the Replica of the submerged city of Old Peñol. 

colombia cycling adventure
colombia cycling adventure
colombia cycling adventure

It’s a full day adventure and it all starts with breakfast at Guatapé’s Casa de Ciclistas.

After breakfast we’ll load the Mountain Bikes on the boat and head out for a tour across the Archipelago of the Embalse de Peñol.  On this excursion you’ll see many of the islands and inlets of the Embalse. You’ll capture spectacular photos of La Piedra del Peño from the water.  You’ll pass over the submerged city of old Peñol and see the cross at the top of the church, and you’ll also see the abandoned island playground of Pablo Escobar.

Once we arrive on the other side we’ll ride our bikes through some of the most scenic landscapes of Antioquia to visit two more Giant Piedras. Then we’ll also stop for some food at the Replica of Old Peñol before continuing on to La Piedra del Peñol. It’s a full day of adventure well off the beaten path!

You’ll leave Antioquia with some of the most unique and impressive photos of your time here in Colombia! After all the reason you came to Antioquia was to experience the natural beauty of Colombia!!


  • MTB Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Breakfast at Casa de Ciclistas
  • A Professional English / Spanish Speaking Guide
  • Medical Insurance for the trip
  • Bottled Water & Sports Hydration 

Not Included

  • Transportation to the clubhouse
  • Transportation to or from Guatapé 

Bookable Extras

  • No Extras Needed

What to expect

  1. Comfortable clothes to cycle in, loose or stretchable materials are your best choice.
  2. Lightweight rain jacket, just incase the weather changes.
  3. Tennis Shoes or Cycling Shoes. (Sandals and Flip-flops are not permitted on this adventure due to off road riding conditions because of the potential for injury)
  4. Camera or Smartphone!!
  5. Small Drone if you wish!!
  6. Power snacks, especially if you have particular dietary needs or preferences.
  7. Power drinks if you prefer them. The tour includes water for hydration.

Breakfast is included in the tour. After breakfast your guide will provide and orientation, assist you with fitting your bicycle and helmet, as well as make sure you have water and a power snack for the ride. Then you’ll board the boat, for our trip across the Embalse del Peñol.

On the ride your guide will point out various points of interest, offer cultural and historical insight, as well as point out any exotic wildlife spotted on the trip. Your guide will also help with photos, video and provide cycling support should your bicycle experience a problem.

All our tours are insured by Colombian medical insurance so you can ride with confidence knowing your safety is secured.

Adventure Highlights

Breakfast at Colombia’s Casa De Ciclistas Home of the Rock & Road Riders Club in Guatapé.

colombia cycling adventure

Experience breathtaking views of both La Piedra del Peñol and the Countryside of this magnificent archipelago from both boat and bicycle.

Visit La piedra de Marial and the Church under the Piedra.

colombia cycling adventure

Visit La piedra de Peñolcito

Visit La Replica del Viejo Peñol for a Traditional Colombian lunch included with the tour, vegan options available as well.

See the islands and inlets of the Embalse del Peñol on private boat.

See the Cross of the church under the water of the submerged city of old Peñol.

colombia cycling adventure

See the abandoned Island of Pablo Escobar.

  • You have experience riding a mountain bike / e-mountain bike off-road and feel comfortable.
  • You own a mountain bike / E-MTB and ride it at least once per month.
  • You can change gears, understand braking and can pedal efficiently.
  • You’re comfortable biking on undulating (climbing and descending) dirt tracks or trails, forest trails, double track and occasional single track.
  • You like riding and are comfortable spending 3 – 4 hours in on the saddle.
  • You exercise at least once a week for more than 45 minutes.
  • You can ride a mountain bike at a relaxed pace for up to three hours a day, with snack and photo stops, for three consecutive days.
  • You can manage mountain bike climbs up to 200 meters each without walking.

Group Size Adventure:

Normal Itineraries:

Minimum Group: 2.
maximum Group: 8.

Private Itineraries:

Minimum Group: 2.
Maximum Group: 8.

Club Itineraries:

Minimum Group: 2.
Maximum Group: 10.

What’s Included In this Adventure

What’s Not Include

What To Take

  1. Comfortable clothes to cycle in, loose or stretchable materials are your best choice.
  2. Lite day or cycling pack
  3. Stuff-able windbreakers / rain jacket, just incase the weather changes.
  4. Cycling Shoes or Sport Shoes.  Sandals and Flip-flops are not permitted on our MTB adventures due to riding conditions.
  5. Photographic gear or a smartphone with a really good camera!!
  6. Small Lite Drones if you care too!!
  7. Power snacks, especially if you have particular brand preferences.

Departure details

This Adventure starts at Guatapés Casa de Ciclistas Restaurant.

Additional information​

  • Confirmation Will Be Received at Time of Booking.
  • This Activity is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Adventures Operate in all Weather Conditions
  • The Casa de Ciclistas Restaurant is Located on the main strip in Guatapé.

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Mountain Biking in Colombia is the best way to fully experience the country’s stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality. We invite you to join us, on a fully supported cycling adventure here in Colombia to visit places that can only be seen on two wheels.

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colombia cycling adventure

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