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2Let’s customize & promote your MBC adventure.

As an Affiliate group organizer we work together with you to customize your Colombia wilderness cycling adventure so it’s a surprisingly affordable holiday for your guests!  Then we’ll help you fill up all the available seats in your group adventure by giving you the tools you need to promote it and accept payment for bookings.

We will give you a custom webpage with all the details about your adventure, and the ability for your guests to signup and reserve their space.

We’ll also provide fresh provocative and convincing social media content to help you promote your adventure on your social media channels.  You just talk it up, share it out with all your friends, club members, bike shop clients and riding buddies.  Once all the spaces are reserved it’s time to prepare for your adventure!

What kind of food do you prefer?

We hope you enjoy your time with us. For this reason we would like to know the quality of the food you want to consume during your stay in this new adventure:


What type of accommodation do you prefer?

In most of the places to visit on this adventure we can find different categories of accommodation.

Visit Everything You Like to See in This Adventure?

Describe the importance of the things you would like to see on your adventure (Selecting 1 means less important and selecting 5 means really important):


Land Marks


Coffee Activities

colombia cycling adventure

Visit Everything You Like to See in This Adventure?

In Colombia there are many iconic cities and places. If you would like to visit a specific region you can tell us which links you are interested in and we can integrate it into your adventure!

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colombia cycling adventure

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