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We believe in the power of bicycles to change lives.

As passionate cyclists we understand the power of bicycles!  They have the power to change peoples lives for the better. Youth cycling camps in Colombia are in their infancy. This is why the Casa de Ciclistas and the Rock & Road Riders Club announce the start of the Rock & Road Riders Camp.  

Colombia is a mountainous country, of passionate cyclists.  Some of the worlds best mountain bikers and road cyclist, train here!  But for many young competitive cyclists in rural Colombia, having access to a functional bicycle is an unrealistic dream. We are working with local cycling coaches, volunteer cyclists and cycling industry professionals from around the world to help expand opportunity for young competitive MTB (rock) and road cyclists here in Colombia.

colombia cycling adventure

Our mission is to provide the youth of Colombia the opportunity to pursue excellence in cycling regardless of their individual circumstances.  We feel that participation in organized cycling camps like this, will lead to a healthy, happy lifestyle.  The Rock & Road Riders Camp, is in its infancy, but we have already had an  impact in the lives of some very promising young people. With your help and support we hope to expand our program and to have a much greater impact here in Colombia.

colombia cycling adventure

The Rock & Road Riders Camp provides promising  young cyclists with a place to ride good bikes with access to quality coaching. Cyclists who show good grades in school, and display levels of commitment to their training are rewarded with an opportunity to earn their own bike.  We’re working to make sure no promising young cyclist here ever has to give up on their dreams because they can’t afford a bike or can’t find coaching.  

Under the watchful training of local and volunteer bike technicians, young cyclists build their own bikes from donated bikes and parts.  We take donations of bikes, bike parts, accessories and cash from the cycling community. By requiring young cyclists to earn the opportunity to build their own bicycles we teach them important values and skills that will serve them in life. It’s that simple!

colombia cycling adventure

The Rock & Road Riders Camp offers promising young cyclist an opportunity to train on quality bikes with local coaches and visiting volunteer cyclists.  We are connecting people across borders through their shared love of cycling to teach the next generation of cyclists the values of personal responsibility, commitment, leadership, and discipline through cycling.

Volunteers and donors both inspire and help teach valuable cycling skills, techniques and share technical knowledge to help build greater levels of personal responsibility, self-confidence, discipline, and the importance of working hard to get what you want in life. Values that serve young people both inside and outside the cycling world for the rest of their lives, inspiring young people to persevere despite life’s hardships.

We need your help!  Were looking for volunteers with the following experience and skills:
Cycling Community Social Influencers
Digital Marketing Professionals
Bicycle Techs with repair experience in reconditioning old bicycles
Youth Cycling Coaches for Road Cycling, MTB Cross Country Cycling, Enduro
Cycling, BMX and Gravel Biking
Spanish speaking English Teachers 

And we are always looking industry sponsorships and donors!!

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colombia cycling adventure

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