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Mountain Bike Colombia!

With a remarkable six-year legacy, Mountain Bike Colombia proudly leads the charge in curating heart-pounding mountain biking adventures across Colombia. Our forte? Uncharted escapades to the remotest, jaw-dropping realms high in the Andes, to mystical places deep in the Amazon, and other exhilarating destinations across our diverse nation. Prepare for an immersion like no other as you navigate unrivaled trails through one of the planet’s most biodiverse countries. Colombia, we’ll reveal, is a haven of safety, captivating beauty, and surprising affordability all rolled into one mesmerizing package.

So, get your gear ready, take a deep breath, and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of exploration. Let Mountain Bike Colombia be your guiding star in the world of MTB adventures, for you’ll never truly fathom the extraordinary allure of Colombia until you’ve conquered it with Mountain Bike Colombia by your side. Get set to ride, experience, and revel in the adventure of a lifetime!

Colombia MTB Adventures Guaranteed to Exceed Expectations

Mountain Bike Colombia

Riding Wild Colombia

Chami 2023 MTB ETAPA

Watch as riders take on the adrenaline-pumping Chami event, conquering rugged terrain and soaking in the stunning mountain vistas of this picturesque ...

Mountain Biking The Amazon Regions of Colombia

Mountain Bike Colombia’s Amazon Regions When you think of the Amazon wilderness, your mind may conjure up vivid scenes of an untamed dense rainf...

Mountain Biking Colombia’s High Andes, Ventanas de Tisquizoque And Beyond

Mountain Biking Colombia’s High Andean Trails To Ventanas de Tisquizoque and Beyond When you think of mountain biking the chances are Colombia i...

Mountain Biking Colombia’s Coffee Triangle

Brewed to Ride! Caffeine-Fueled MTB AdventuresIn Colombia’s Coffee Triangle When you think of mountain biking in Colombia, your mind might natur...

Breaking Free From The Road in Colombia

Breaking Free from the Road: Helping Roadies Explore the Undiscovered wilderness trails of Colombia In recent years, Colombia has emerged as a popular...

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