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Mountain Bike Wild Colombia!

Mountain Bikers taking in the view on a Wilderness MTB Adventure in Colombia
Wilderness MTB Adventures in Colombia

Mountain Bike Colombia

MTB Adventures in Wild Colombia

You’ve probably not thought too much about mountain bike tours or holidays in Colombia.  Colombia is a mountain bikers paradise with its spellbinding landscapes and heart-pounding wilderness MTB adventures.

Holding the coveted title of the second most biodiverse country on earth, Colombia’s natural wonders boast a breathtaking array of mountainous Andes terrain, lush rainforests, and the awe-inspiring Amazon. This vibrant tapestry seamlessly weaves together to create an exhilarating playground for mountain bikers, with each trail unveiling a new chapter in the pulse-pounding story of Colombia’s wild beauty.

Why Choose Mountain Bike Colombia?

At Mountain Bike Colombia, we specialize in unforgettable wilderness MTB adventures that unveil Colombia’s most stunning and pristine natural spaces.  Our expeditions lead you off the beaten path, where untouched wilderness awaits, free from the crowds and development. From the towering peaks of the Andes to the lush depths of the Amazon, our journeys offer transformative experiences that connect you with the soul of this incredible country.

What’s it like to mountain bike in Colombia?

Our adventures are more than just thrilling rides down single tracks or through breathtaking landscapes. They’re gateways to expanding your global perspective, delving into our planet’s history, encountering rare wildlife, and immersing in diverse cultures alongside like-minded adventurers.

With Mountain Bike Colombia, you’ll venture beyond the beaten paths, discovering remote new gems where true adventure thrives and each pedal stroke deepens your understanding of our worlds cultural and biodiversity.

You’ll emerge from our trips wiser, more adventurous, and deeply connected to the world around you. Our unique journeys are crafted to ignite your curiosity, push your boundaries, and leave an unforgettable imprint on your soul.

Are you ready to see the world in a whole new light? Let Mountain Bike Colombia be your ticket to extraordinary adventures and unforgettable moments. Get set to pedal beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary.  Welcome to an MTB adventure of a lifetime.

The Colombian 88 Butterfly with a Santa Cruz Mountain Bike
Discover Colombia's Hidden Gems

Mountain Bike Colombia
Guatapé Back Country MTB Tour

  • Price: $70,000 COP
    Includes Bike, Guide, Helmet and Colombian Breakfast
  • Skills Level: Easy
  • Fitness Level: 2
  • Breakfast Included
    At Casa de Ciclistas, Guatapé

Mountain bike riders in front of La Piedra del Peñol, Guatapé Colombia
Let's Mountain Bike Colombia Together!
MTB Riders on Single Track Trails in the Coffee Fields of colombia
MTB Riders on Single Track Trails in the Coffee Fields of colombia
Mountain biker looking at a rare 88 butterfly on. her hand in Colombia
Making new Discoveries

Mountain Bike Colombia
The Undiscovered Wilderness

Oropendola on Tree Branch
Close Up of an Oropendola

Discover Wild Colombia

We take you on unforgettable adventures in Wild Colombia.  Colombia is a country filled with luscious, undulating green hills, soaring mountains, deep valleys, dense jungles,  jaw-dropping scenery and the worlds second greatest biodiversity mass.  No matter your skill level or riding style, Mountain Bike Colombia, can create your perfect MTB itinerary.  Colombia is all we do, so  join us for an everlasting impression on your soul and let us show you that Colombia is at once breathtakingly beautiful, safe, and surprisingly affordable!

Mountain Bike Guatapé’s Three Piedras

So you conquered all 740 steps of La Piedra del Peñol, now you’re thinking, what else can I do in Guatapé?  If you enjoy getting out and experiencing nature, Mountain Biking in Colombia is the best way to see the country. Did you know that there are two other giant and equally impressive Piedras like the one you just climbed?  One of them even has a beautiful church under it!! 

La Piedra del Peñol
La piedra del Peñol

New Adventures

You Haven't Seen Colombia Until You
Mountain Bike Colombia

Visiting Guatapé? Check Out Our Restaurant
Casa de Ciclistas Guatapé
Pan Artisanal and Cafe

Casa de Ciclistas
Meet Your Guide At Casa de Ciclistas Panadería & Café In Guatape​

Here's What Our Guests Say About Us!

  • star rating  Visita a guatape - Nos Encantó, todo muy delicioso
    Muy hermoso lugar
    Esperamos volver pronto
    Súper recomendado
    Muy buena atención

    avatar thumb orianap896
    October 18, 2021

    star rating  Aventure incroyable ! - From Guatapé to San Rafael, we rode through the moutains using the dirt roads on our moutain bikes, discovering the heart of the beautifull Columbia. It was an adventure that... read more

    avatar thumb CaroL2074
    September 25, 2022

    star rating  Full mtb experience from an expert - I just did the full day ride to San Rafael (and back) and it was amazing! It's very beautiful and such an adventure. Everyone who's into cycling should definitely do... read more

    avatar thumb Culture30500938542
    December 26, 2022
  • star rating  Paseo en bici - Recomendado para conocer con tu familia y amigos en bici , la atención es muy buena y te enseñan lugares muy bonitos para conocer.

    avatar thumb yesicaandreaa2022
    December 23, 2022

    star rating  Restuarante y actividades en bicicletas con guia e instructor, atendido por sus propietarios Marcel y Johana - Maravilloso lugar, deliciosa comida y ambiente que invita a quedarse un buen rato. Vale la pena visitarlos. Con Marcel se puede hablar de bicis y aventuras.

    avatar thumb Thsollberger
    April 11, 2022

    star rating  Fin de semana en guatape - Excelente lugar, agradable ambiente y buena comida su atención muy cordial y acogedora, gracias por el grato momento felicidades y éxitos un abrazo

    avatar thumb 872jes_salbertop
    October 23, 2021
  • star rating  Maravilloso lugar para Compartir y desayunar - Cuando vengas a Guatapé es obligado venir a desayunar acá es una gran conexión de naturaleza y sabor con sus desayunos únicos 100% recomendado

    avatar thumb jorgealejandroe45
    April 9, 2022

    star rating  Personas muy serviciales!! - lugar agradable,lleno de tranquilidad, naturaleza pura, variedad de comida, exelente servicio, personas agradables,si busca tranquilidad allí es!!!

    avatar thumb jorgeleonard10
    April 2, 2022

    star rating  Awesome MTB ride with the perfect guide - We went there to get a coffee and impulsively booked a MTB tour with Marcel. It turned out to be amazing!

    First we got a delicious breakfast -thank... read more

    avatar thumb K5888GDmariel
    June 29, 2022
  • star rating  Me sentí como en familia - Llevo 37 montando en bici y este lugar es perfecto para nosotros los ciclistas.... Johana cocina delicioso, gran ciclomontañista y especial persona, al igual que Marcel..., un amigo que es... read more

    avatar thumb jaimealbertoz2021
    April 27, 2022

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Explore Wild Colombia With Your Whole Crew! MBC Group Organizer
Let's Mountain Bike Colombia Together!

Explore Wild Colombia With Your Whole Crew!

Tired of riding the same old trails?  Ready to escape with your crew on a memorable MTB adventure through the undiscovered wilderness spaces in Colombia?  We’ll help make that happen for you, it’s super easy!  Sign up today as a MBC Group Organizer, then select one of our adventures, we’ll provide you with all the tools and content you need to help promote the adventure.  Simply spread the word to your crew and network, we’ll take care of the rest!  Once your adventure is fully booked, you and a friend ride as our invited guests! So let’s make your dream MTB adventure a reality!  Colombia is just a few clicks away!


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