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Take The Challenge, Ride Colombia!

If you’re a passionate outdoor adventurer looking for an unforgettable wilderness experience in Colombia, we’ll create an amazing Mountain Biking Adventure for you to “Wild Colombia”.

There is so much to see and experience here.  Colombia is where the largest mountain range in the world, the Andes, splits into three massive ranges.  Colombia is one of the top two most bio-diverse countries in the world.  Home to much of the Amazon, want to see pink river dolphins?  We ride mountain bikes to see them!  Colombia has some of the most beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and wildlife that exist in the entire world!

Did you know, for example, that Colombia has the  greatest diversity of bird species in the world?  One of our guide team members is an ornithologist who wrote a guide book on the Birds of Colombia!  

And if birds and wildlife aren’t your thing, no problem—Colombia is a cyclist’s paradise and mountain biking, heaven!  Offering MTB riders plenty of adrenaline pumping cross country, single track, downhill, and enduro opportunities.

From carving single track on the jungle floor, to flying 1000 feet above the jungle floor, with your bike, we’ll show you the very best of “Wild Colombia,” off the beaten path!

So take the Challenge:  tell us about the kinds of things you want to see.  We’ll pull together a custom itinerary that will exceed your wildest expectations, without exceeding your bank account!  join us on an unforgettable Mountain Biking Adventure—Ride Colombia!

colombia cycling adventure
From carving single track on the jungle floor, to flying 1000 feet above the jungle floor, with your bike, we'll show you the very best of "Wild Colombia"!

Breathtaking Scenery, Memorable Experiences, Unforgettable Adventures!

Colombia, is one of the worlds best adventure cycling destinations. A country filled with luscious, undulating green hills, soaring mountains, deep valleys, dense jungles, and jaw-dropping scenery.  From the Amazon To Zipaquirá, Colombia is a cyclists paradise and the Rock & Road Riders Club is your best source for fully supported biking adventures in Colombia.

Whether you’re a serious cyclist with a dream to conquer Alto de Letras, the world’s toughest uphill climb. Or a not so serious cyclist simply looking for adventure, no matter your skill level or riding style, let us create your perfect cycling itinerary, we’ll show you that Colombia is at once breathtakingly beautiful, challenging and surprisingly affordable!

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Cycling in Colombia is the best way to fully experience the country’s stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality. We invite you to join us, on a fully supported cycling adventure here in Colombia to visit places that can only be seen on two wheels.

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colombia cycling adventure
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colombia cycling adventure

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Take the Challenge, Ride Colombia!!
Ride Colombia