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Are you thinking about taking on the Colombian mountains with your mountain bike?  Have questions?  We’d love to meet ya and answer any questions you might have!  How about we do a virtual coffee meeting? 

This is after all Colombia, and we’re passionate about both coffee and mountain bikes!  It’s like our national anthem goes: “We take our caffeine and altitude seriously around here.” Except, you know, it sounds much better in Spanish… 

So come on, Zoom us, we’ll help you plan your next epic MTB adventure while sipping on some delicious Colombian coffee.

We’ll even give you a 5% discount if you share a photo with us on Instagram of your Pawsome Trail Dog running along side you on a ride!

Adventure Preparation

Mountain Biking Colombia

Your Ultimate MTB Adventure Preparation Guide

Everything you need to know to prepare for your upcoming MTB adventures in Colombia.

Mountains? In Colombia? Yep

MTB Fitness And Skill Levels Explained!

Of course it’s another hill! It’s Colombia! Let’s get over it!  Attitude, Heart, Lungs and Legs! Here we explain our Fitness & Skill ratings for our adventures.


Fitness Requirements
Mountain Biking Skills & Fitness Levels EXPLAINED
Fitness Requirements
MBC Terms & Conditions

You Focus On The Riding.

We'll Take care of everything else!

Find out all the details about reservations, times, insurance, airport pick-ups, payments and more, here in our terms and conditions.

Your Itinerary, Your Thrills

Your Colombia MTB Adventure

Looking for a private MTB adventure for your crew?  Your Riding Style,  Your Destinations, Your Timing, Your Thrills!

Mountain Bike Colombia – Leading Your Wilderness Cycling Adventures!

colombia cycling adventure
Your Private MTB Adventures

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